Why Do People Hate Lawyers? Because lawyers act like Robinhood, not fighting for the poor but for their stomach. Not funny? Whatever!

How About Lawyers To Hate People? How can it be? Because they don't engaged in a soup opera called Romeo and Juliet, Ram and Sita or having a strong romance like what we've seen on Titanic? Why should people and lawyers fall in love? Especially men, whereas they are straight. Come on ....

Lawyer To Tickle Your Fancy

Here is a lawyer story to tickle your fancy's story. A short one. Once the most hated man on earth decided to go on a tour to India.Totally stressed due to his inability to win a case and that his client was sent to a mental asylum, he needed a different refreshment. But he couldn't go there, no dance he could make to outdo those Bollywood celebrities. Kidding!

Surely India is such a sacred country that spiritualism is what this lawyer after. It is not to tickle your fancy that he'd like to meditate alone in a cave but his shadow needs pretty girls dancing around him. And after a series of nightmare fighting with Dinosaurs last night, this morning he woke up lazily and asked a picture: Are Indians hate lawyers too? It's quiet. Only gecko says "yes and no" over and over again.

It's a crazy idea that this lawyer would like to dabble in comedy and want to be a famous a comedian and make smaller money with this new profession. Off course, they won't tickle everyone's fancy by doing such a stupid thing. Fame is unstable, but being settled down that's what many people hope, right?

It's just a joke, nothing to do with why people hate lawyer.

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